Android Antivirus Software | Security Suites for Android Tab

Android Antivirus Software | Security Suites for Android Tab | Malware protection for Android Applications | How to secure Android Device | Mobile Security

There are two general categories of antivirus software for Android. These are categorized based on their features and complexity. The main category is the applications which are simple. The simple antivirus applications offer no fuss solutions for removing adware, malware and other malicious virus that may affect the operating system. Security suites are the other antivirus software for Android. These suites are applications that come included with task killer, mobile tracking, data backups etc apart from basic virus protection.
While Android operating system was launched in 2007, the first malicious program was discovered in 2012. These were found hidden in the form of Trojan in applications that are downloadable. The Trojan sent text messages to others without the knowledge of the owner. Later a large number of security suites and antivirus programs were created to deal with these malware. The Trojan was found in the apps from Android market.
Single purpose apps are the first type of antivirus software for Android. These are created to scan the applications that are downloaded and check for malicious code. Few of these can also monitor the software that is already installed in the phone. If there is any malicious code, the antivirus software sends alerts to the user. It also locks the malware and tries to protect the private information by preventing it from accessing it. Another important feature of antivirus apps is that the data stored to the Secure Digital card is also checked by it.
Android larger security suites are also available apart from the standalone programs. These are similar to the functioning of basic antivirus programs but come with additional tools like App Killer with the help of which, the user can manually disable the applications which have suspicious behavior. Data backup functionality is also available in these suites.
Finally, let us take a look at on the available anti virus suits. Lookout, Norton, Avast are offering wide range of solutions to protect android mobiles and tabs.

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