Android Market | Features, Review | Android Market App Updates | Android net book

Android Market | Features, Review | Android Market App Updates | Android net book
Android Market features many applications for Android operating system based mobile phones. Android Market is the online and comes pre-installed with Android phones. This can be used for downloading free or priced applications. Android was developed as an answer to Apple’s App Store. Android developers create new applications and upload it to the Android Market. These are then sold to general public for a fixed price. The people who developed the apps are paid 70 percent of the revenue when their apps are sold.
There is an Android Market website which can be visited by web browsers. The information about the Android apps both free and priced is given in this website. But there is no provision to download applications from this site but only can be used for uploading the applications by publishers.

For downloading the Android apps, the user should access Android Market using an Android phone or any other mobile device. Free apps can be downloaded from any corner in the world but priced applications are available for people in selected countries. Games, maps etc applications can be downloaded from Android Market. Special applications are also available which allow the access of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.
Android operating system can be used on netbooks, e-book readers and phones Android was earlier available for only few carriers but now many other carriers are also offering Android based mobile phones. In some mobile devices, this comes pre-installed and Android can also be installed by the user on some other devices.
From its inception, Android Market has enjoyed great success. The applications on Android market are available in more than 131 countries. Security of Android is also praiseworthy. For publishing the applications, the developers have to enroll. When any new apps are being installed, it displays required permissions. Security applications of Android are required on android devices to avoid misuse of devices.

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