Android Operating System Basics | SDK for Android OS

Android Operating System Basics | SDK for Android OS | Know your Android Apps | Android Software Development Kit
Android operating system is developed by Google especially for mobile handsets. This OS was developed as a system that will allow any developer to improve the system as this is an open source system. Android operating system can be developed with Software Development Kit SDK that is available on Google. Various applications can be created using the SDK. Developers can create their own applications and include these in the Android operating system. SDK comes along with an emulator that helps the developers to test the applications on Android.
Application Programming Interface is a standard application programming that can be used to create applications by developers. The Interface also allows contacts and other appointments to be integrated with web services such as emails and calendars.
Java Programming language is used to write the applications on Android operating system. Android operating system includes various applications such as SMS program, Maps, Calendar, Contact, Browser and Email client. Activity manager, Window manager, Content providers, View systems, Package manager, Telephony manager, Location manager, Notification manager and Resource managers few applications that are a set of systems and services.
Android applications run on their own processes on Android operating system. These will run on virtual machine environment on Linux Kernel. The Virtual machine also helps to separate application from operating system. Android uses Linux version for core services like security, process management, memory management, driver model and network stack. Kernel also is a layer between the software and hardware stack.
Android open platform has completely changed the way mobile phones are used by the consumers and the services that are offered to them. What is more appealing is the fact that any person who want to create their own applications for customizing their handset can do so and there will be no requirement to buy any special software for this purpose.
There are plenty of resources available for Android enthusiasts and the original one being provided by Google can be find here:

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