Apple iPhone 4S with Siri | new mobile hand set available on Sprint network along with AT&T and Verizon Wireless

Though analysts are with mixed view, the new Apple iPhone 4S with some latest features is all set to give a new experience to iPhone lovers. Apple Inc new CEO Tim Cook was criticized by analysts for not creating enthusiasm on the gadget and lack of any major changes in the device. After launch at Apple Central, the initial view was that, the new iPhone was just refined version of existing iPhone. But, the voice command application Siri is the all-new feature that may attract millions of Apple followers. Though, Siri is also available on Android based phones, the Apple way of integration may give an edge to the users.

Apple follower expected a thinner and sleek model with more screen real estate of new iPhone. The new device is now available on Sprint’s network in addition to AT&T and Verizon Wireless in US market.

Apple iPhone 4S entered in to the market at a time, when Samsung Electronics is making all efforts to catch up the market share with its Google Inc’s Android software based handsets. The other smart phone makers like BlackBerry, HTC also pushing hard to beat the iPhone, by launching new handset with more features and user experience. Currently, Apple is at second place in the smart phone markets with 23% market share, while Android is on top with above 40% market.

Besides Siri, another new thing in iPhone is A5 processor, which may make usage faster.

iPhone contributes 40% of the Apple Inc’s total sales and market leader in smart phones category since its first launch in 2007.

In US market, the iPhone 4S will cost $199 with pre-orders starting October 7.

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