Black Berry 10 R Series Device Emerges online

Black Berry 10 R Series Device Emerges online

Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry has already unveiled two device models running under its new BlackBerry 10 operating system, namely the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10, yet it seems that it won’t be long before more such devices are unveiled.

One of them might arrive on the market with a physical QWERTY keyboard, the same as the Q10, but with a different design, new reports on the matter suggest.

Said to have been included in the company’s R-Series of devices, the new Smartphone made an appearance online over at Black Berry OS, and can be seen in the image attached to this article.


Unlike the BlackBerry Q10, which was designed mainly for the mid to high end of the market, the new device is expected to arrive on shelves as an entry-level Smartphone, though still capable of offering the features and capabilities that BlackBerry 10 was unveiled with.

With a suggested second-half 2013 launch window, little is known on when the Smartphone will actually land on the market but, with BlackBerry already confirming plans for the launch of no less than six other Black Berry 10 Smart phones this year, all should be unveiled on the matter soon.

For the time being, available info on this R-Series device suggests that it might be launched with 8GB of internal memory, side-mounted SIM and microSD memory card slots, less RAM than Q10, and the QWERTY keyboard that can be seen in the aforementioned photo.

The phone is also said to feature a $300 – $400 price tag when sold contract-free, and to pack a 1800 mAh battery inside, at least this is what a recent post on BlackBerry Empire notes.

Overall, the new R-Series handset from the Canadian vendor should turn out to be for Black Berry 10 what the Curve lineup was for legacy platform releases, it seems. Stay tuned to learn additional info on the matter.

With the BlackBery Q10  now available for pre-order, attention as turned to future BB10 phones with a claimed BlackBerry 10 R-series device leaking online, QWERTY keyboard and all.

Expected to be a cheaper alternative to the flagship BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 offerings, the as yet unconfirmed BB10 R-series has made a premature appearance, with a teasing image claiming to be of the handset’s QWERTY input offering hitting the web courtesy of the BlackBerry OS Forums.

Whilst the image offers little insight into the nature and capabilities of the device, further reports have suggested the handset will feature just 8GB of internal storage, half of the Q10, side-mounted microSD expansion and an 1800mAH Lithium-Ion battery.

With BlackBerry having yet to offer an official word of BB10 handsets past the Z10 and Q10, it is possible that a range of R-series devices could be at the company’s annual BlackBerry Live convention in Florida next month.

A potential unveiling that would fit with the mooted “late summer or early fall” release, it has been suggested that the entry-level, BlackBerry Curve replacing range will set wannabe owners back somewhere between $300 and $400 (£196 – £261).



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