BlackBerry’s RIM unveils 5 new handsets

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd today launched five new handsets including a complete touch screen device in US. The new handsets will be available world wide in a week time, the company said after launching the new models.  This was the first launch by BlackBerry, the Canadian mobile handset maker after almost a year. Its competitor Apple Inc and Google taken the majority share of the RIM, dragging the once top player tin to third place in US market, affecting its stock prices badly. According to the company update,  the new models will run on an update to its existing BlackBerry operating system.
Though it is already late, RIM also planning to launch a new handset that may pose a challenge to Apple’s iPhone. The company not yet detailed the plans, but it may hit the market during this year. BlackBerry firm recently acquired new operating system QNX, as part of its effort to innovate the product lineup. However, the company may launch the new devices on QNX only after one year.
While Apple is preparing an updated version of iPhone, many number of new phones are expected to hit the market based on the Google’s Android platform.  Handset makers, currently working on the new models are focusing on better performance on US and other advanced countries networks and making them better video gadgets besides incorporating other social applications.   Worldwide, consumers are shifting away from BlackBerry in favor of Apple and Android’s more more innovative, consumer-friendly devices.

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