Carbon Fibre built Apple iPad 3 to hit the street in September

Apple is expected to release its iPad 3, a new armament in its arsenal of the ‘i’ series. With a huge competition in the ‘Tablet’ range of market, the Apple is keen in widening the gap for its competitors and voila…they bring in the iPad3. If media reports are correct, the new gadget may hit the streets in September. The Apple Inc. brings in its regular and basic theme, a trademark for the ‘i’ series. An expected change a quite major one could be its body…. it could be out of a carbon-fibre while the previous one being an aluminum body.

With the flexibility of much higher space the new iPad is expected to have a storage capacity of a 128GB…twice of what was on the initial iPad. Coming to its eyes… it could possess dual HD cameras…a high res screen and 4G compatibility. With the NFC (Near Field Communication) a short-range connectivity technology to serve for a better and safer communication between two devices, the iPad is expected to have a much better call clarity.

It also boasts a new quad-core processor to enhance its performance, as the dual core seems to be a bit sluggish on the iPad the Apple Inc. has brought in the new change. And coming to the size of the iPad, we don’t expect any change cause it will hugely affect the functioning of the applications, if any such change will likely to be happening the app developers are likely to start an open weeping on the change made.

With all the above expected changes or same repetitions, the iPad3 may arrive in to the markets some way around the September 2011. And it is thought that Apple Inc. wont make any delay due to the increase in the competition of the Tablet race.

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