Choosing Best Android Smart Phone | Android Phone Choosing Tips

Choosing Best Android Smart Phone | Android Phone Choosing Tips | Best ways to select good Android Smartphone

Many mobile handset makers are using Android operating system in their phones and to choose an Android phone one may have to search through various carriers and handsets. Three key factors are to be considered to choose the best Android phone. Android phones are some times configured exclusively to one carrier in countries like US and UK.

Therefore before choosing the phone, one has to look for the carrier that works well in their area. However, this situation has changed now in emerging markets and more and more versions have hit the market. The cost of phones is another thing to be considered. If cost is not an issue, then one can go for latest Android phones. These can offer attractive features. If lot of text messages is to be sent, then the hardware keyboard of Android phone has to be considered.

Android operating system is used by many manufacturers and so there will be wide choice for selecting the best phone. After finding out the best carrier in the area, the next thing to consider is to choose the models offered by that carrier. Exclude the carriers whose service is poor to make the choice easier.

Many generations of phones use Android operating system. The G1 is the original phone in which Android operating system was introduced and now it may look outdated with so many new models being offered. But G1 may also be available now for a low price. New models of phones are available with lots of new features and large screen. The older models may not have the technical specifications which are needed to run Android operating system.
The requirements of the user are to be considered first to choose the best Android cell phone. G1 lacks headphone jack so people who listen to music may not want to buy this one. For those who love sending text messages, Android phones with hardware keyboards are suitable. For casual user, software touchscreen keyboard may be suitable.
Currently, Android ICS and Jelly Bean versions are in popular demand by companies as well as users. Though there may be big higher cost, better to go for a latest version in Android handset.

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