Facebook Free Talk Time Offer | Free Talk Time on Facebook India new Users

Facebook Free Talk Time Offer | Free Talk Time on Facebook India new Users | Register for Free Talk Time Offer by Facebook

Hyderabad, October 18: Facebook now offering a free talk time bonanza to its new users. It is not rumor, but fact and confirmed by Facebook India officials today to the media. The World’s largest Social Media company is offering around 50 rupees free talk time to select users, who sign up through referral link.
According media reports, quoting Facebook India Country Growth Manager Kevin D’Souza, Facebook talk time offer is a new initiative, which has been taken on a pilot basis and the amount of recharge varies from user to user and location to location.
“We keep on trying new things. Because we do not know what will work. This is one of the tests. Just to get a feel of it, this particular test is being done in India,” media reports said quoting D’Souza.
Though further details were not known, it is learnt that mobile operators have designed various plans for Facebook users.
Users who wish to try for this free talk time offer by Facebook has to sign up to the special URL: http://m.facebook.com/tt
After registration at special mobile site of the Facebook, user has to provide his mobile
number to get free talktime and also the mobile number of the individual who may have referred.
According to a note published on Facebook mobile offer site, user will get the free talk time within three days of the confirming the registration.
According to Facebook recent announcement, the user base of the social media platform in India grown to 65 million from 8 million two years ago.

Register for Free Talk Time Offer by Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/tt



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