FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet-7” display tablet with 800 X 480 resolution

Funtab 7.1 Fit Tablet

FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet


FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet is one the latest device that is recently introduced into the Indian market. Go Tech Company has introduced the tablet in Indian markets and this is the same company that launched Fone Tab, Fusion and Fantasy Tablets earlier. The tablet can be used for health, entertainment and education purpose.


Display of the tablet is seven inches in size with the resolution of 800 X 480 pixels. The display is of LCD type. The device also supports multi touch and the touch sensitivity is capacitive type.


The tablet can support many browsers such as SkyFile, Dolphin, Opera, UCWEb etc. It is also possible to work on the devise with PowerPoint, word, excel etc. It is also possible to play 3D games on this device.

Operating System:

The tablet runs on Android v4.0 operating system which is Ice Cream Sandwich version.


The processor present in FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet is 1 GHz processor. The battery that can be seen in the tablet is Li ion battery of 3600 mAh capacity. The playback capacity of the battery for audio is 8 hours and for video it is 4 hours.


The tablet comes with a DDR3 type 512 MB RAM and also has an internal memory of 4 GB. It is possible to expand the memory of the device using micro SD card up to 32 GB.


FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet comes equipped with a 0.3 megapixel camera of VGA quality. The device also supports integrated high fidelity class d Power amplifier. Multi format audio player, multi format video players are also supported on this device.


The price of FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet is Rs. 6,000.

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