Google Chromebook Pixel Media Review | Touchscreen Google Laptop to take on Apple

Google Chromebook Pixel Media Review | Touchscreen Google Laptop to take on Apple | Specs, Pricing and updates

Google has come out with one more new-age gadget Chromebook Pixel, of course this time with bigger plans. Google is likely to launch Chromebook touch screen laptop next week. So far, Google restricted to small devices like mobiles and tabs, but never looked at mainstream computing devices like laptops. Chromebook going to be the first one to hit the market, potentially give a tough time to Apple, analysts feel. The initial media reviews suggesting that Chromebook Pixel may attract huge attention from the technology world for its features and OS in particular.

According to the reports, Chromebook Pixel may run on Chrome OS which fully functional online, though it has offline supporting features. User needs to be connected to the Internet to have full impact of the Chrome OS. And another interesting feature would be one terabyte of online storage space, that user can enjoy.

So far, Samsung is the leader in touch screen tabs and laptops at online sales charts in US, though Apple has its own place to sit. The net entrant Pixel may change the game, analysts feel.

The media reviews also saying that the initial looks suggesting that Chromebook Pixel can be called as an Ultrabook too as it looks like. Apple launched some time back the new look MacBook Pro and Mac Book Air ranges with Aluminium finish and stylish exteriors. Seems Chromebook Pixel was a bit of that inspiration, critics said.

As per the Google update, Chromebook Pixel has a Intel Core i5 processor and good memory and other technical features would come out shortly.

The Google Chrome Pixel priced at $ 1049-$1299 range in US. It is expected to be available next week in US offline and online stores. In UK, it may be sold via online stores only during the first few months. Google also expected to launch 4G version of Chromebook latest by April. For Asian markets, it may take some more time to expect.


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