How to increase your touch screen phones battery life

The people who are using the ‘touch’ phones which are now in much of a prestige value within the users… here is a tip for you to increase your phone’s battery life. Many of the users generally complaint about their phone not serving them long though they are fully charged… the major reason behind this lack of battery efficiency is due to the lack of knowledge of what kind of application have to be used. With the average screen size being some where around 3 inches and the phone’s battery capacity taking the no’s of 1200mAh the phone can be kept in standby for around 5days or if used properly it would last for some where around 200 hours but this practically doesn’t happen again blaming the user for it, so here are a few tips on how u could enhance your battery life, enhance only though but the change could be huge.

Increasing of Battery Efficiency

The Increase in the Battery ‘life’ actually here means that to increase its efficiency, which in turn depends on important though small things, they are:

1. Battery terminals have to be cleaned-with a dry cloth-once in every two months

2. Don’t ever put your phone t charge all over the night this increases its rapidity to wash out and could be harmful to the phone’s internal circuits.

3.USB charging is not suggestible when the battery is too low, this doesn’t charge your battery to its best.

4.Never do a frequent attaching and pulling of the phone’s battery terminal, as this might damage the contact pins of the phone and the charger.

5. Extreme weather also damages and affects the battery life so it has to be taken care in that aspect.

6. Placing something between the battery and the phone cover (back panel) leads to the bulging of the battery, which is dangerous to both phone and the user.

Now we have seen the external care for the battery, then what about the internal care regarding the battery meaning the apps, ring tones etc. etc.

They are:

1.Using of darker wallpapers instead of bright and frenzy one’s which use a lot of battery charge to brighten up your home screen.

2. The usage of live wallpapers-photos in the format of ‘.GIF’ format drain your battery as they are always active and use your battery to stay active.

3.Usage of WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS…etc. etc. apps as they do a kind of data transfer duty which requires yet again a huge battery power.

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