HTC 8X the Windows 8 Phone | HTC Smartphones range | Specs Features Review

HTC 8X the Windows 8 Phone | HTC Smartphones range | Specs Features Review | Price of HTC Windows Phone

Weighing just 130 grams with the battery HTC 8X Windows Phone has a 4.3-inch touch screen Gorilla Glass version 2 and a superior screen which shows a HD video of 720p that is a High Quality video. The networks supported are GSM as well as CDMA networks. The Battery of HTC 8X is 1800mAh for a durable life.

The Main Camera of HTC 8X is an 8-megapixel camera with an autofocus and an LED Flash and a dedicated HTC ImageChip that allows the users to shoot a 1080p video.

The HTC 8X Boasts a wide front angle camera, which covers a larger area than all the phones in its range form any other brand of smartphones. The Front Camera is a 2.1Megapixel Camera, which also shoots 1080p videos and a HTC ImageChip also supports it. It is also the only Windows Phone which has an audio amplification supported by Beats Audio. The Beats Audio has a built in amplifier, which lets the user enjoy a bigger sound and superior usability.

The in-built sensors that accompany the smartphone HTC 8X windows Smartphone are:

Digital Compass
Proximity Sensor
Ambient Light Sensor

For all the above operations the HTC 8X Windows 8 smartphone uses a Qualcomm s4 1.5GHz Dual-Core processor to run the Operating system that is built for smartphones by Microsoft that is the Windows 8. The new HTC 8X has a total storage of 16GB in its stock and also a RAM of 1GB for a super-fast usage. The smartphone supports a 3.5mm stereo audio jack, Bluetooth 3.1 and WiFi.

Price of HTC Windows Phone 8x would be in the range of 33,00 rupees depends on the local taxes and availability.

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