iOS 7 vs Android | What are the similarities between two mobile operating systems

iOS 7 vs Android | What are the similarities between two mobile operating systems

iOS 7 has come into play. Recently Apple’s iPhone 5S released with iOS 7 version. iOS 7 seem to appear like that of Android. It is uncertain whether the iOS 7 has replica of Android or it is a derived version of Android.
There are many questions about iOS 7, whether Apple’s iOS 7 is copied from Android or not? Since some of the iOS 7 features seem to appear like that of Android.
Have a look at some of the Latest features in Apple’s upgraded mobile operating system (iOS7), next to their Android counterparts.

iOS 7 vs Android:
–Especially features like phone lock appears same like Android supported smartphones.
–Other features like multitasking or the music player which is found in Android appears like the same in Android.
–Control Centre Option is new one which is the best one On iOS7, On an Android phone, you don’t have to go to Settings to toggle Wi-Fi, or switch off data connection. You can do all this Things by opening the notification Option by swiping down from top of the screen. Apple has added something new but seems to be similar. If you swipe up from the bottom of the screen on an iPhone, you get Control Centre that has options for accessing and changing frequently used settings like Wi-Fi toggle.
Question is whether iOS 7 has changed to Android or whether the iOS 7 is just a replica of Android..??
The Android difference in iOS 7 vs Android battle:
In Android you can’t swap out Quick Settings items, there are workarounds to achieve that, some of which require sophisticated knowledge of rooting and custom ROM.
Control Center is a notable Extra Feature to the iPhone, and it’s easily iOS 7’s best feature. I actually like the new, cool and flat look. But when it comes to letting users have more “control” and more freedom on their handsets, Android remains miles ahead better than iOS.
Some of the Apple users think forthcoming iPhone; iPad with iOS 7 is awesome at the same time people also think whether it would be a copy of Android. iOS 7 could possibly be a derived of Android but of almost every other major mobile operating system out there.
Though the features of iOS 7 appears to be similar, android has its own unique features like notifications that are dynamic and live update to display new information. At the same time Apple’s iOS 7 has its unique features like fingerprint sensor technology to prevent from hackers. On the overall, iOS 7 vs Android battle turns interesting.

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