iPad Mini May be launched by Apple in October, 2012-iPad Mini Price

iPad Mini

Apple may Launch iPad Mini in September, 2012

Apple which is very well known for its high quality devices worldwide is going to enter the competition of affordable tablets. it is going to introduce a smaller model of its own iPad by name iPad Mini. It is expected that the company will launch iPad Mini in October, this year.

Apple is working towards coming up with an affordable tablet with a 10 inches screen size keeping in mind the increasing demand for affordable tablets not only in emerging markets but also in matured markets. iPad Mini is expected to have a display of 7.85 inch touch screen.

Coming to the features that iPad Mini of Apple may come equipped with, the display type might be Retina display and it may also have Apple mobile chips for providing better performance and long battery life. Since the text iPhone that will be launched by Apple will run on iOs 6, iPad Mini may also have the same OS.

According to the price, the device will be offered, iPad Mini may be launched in 8GB and 16GB storage models. The price of the device may be between Rs. 19,250. There is no official announcement from Apple about iPad mini. The company is launching next generation iPhone on September 12th, 2012 and it is expected that iPad will be launched one month after that. The two devices were expected to be released in a same event, but the company is seemed have other ideas.

Apple iPad Mini is expected to become popular with the consumers for its unique design and features. Though it will be of a small size it is expected to look similar to 9.7 inch iPad. Though no much information is known about its hardware and other things, it can be assumed that the device will be as powerful as iPad. the device is expected to have a similar lower dock connector just like the big iPod touch.


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