Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Duo | Specs vs Price

Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Duo | Specs vs Price | Which one you prefer to buy…

When mobile users eagerly waiting for some cost effective mid segment smartphone, which may give an alternative to expensive Samsung Galaxy SII or Note II, it is Samsung again jumped in and launched Galaxy Grand Duo smartphone. Analysts were curious on the new gadget and initial reviews were very much positive to Samsung Galaxy Grand Duo. However, Samsung has a stiff competition in the fray in the market….at least in the Indian market… in the form of Micromax A116 HD smartphone for sure.

Micromax_vs_Galaxy Grand_Specs_Price

Micromax_vs_Galaxy Grand_Specs_Price

Any body should ask one question for sure…why should I pay this much amount for any particular handset. Be it Galaxy Grand or any other great phone for that matter. Battery life, usage pattern, features and ultimately passion towards new age gadget decides on how much one has to spend on any mobile handset. However, when you find a handset similar to a highly priced, popular brand smartphone with the almost at 50% of lesser cost, which one do you prefer.

Normally, majority users go to lesser-priced model, unless they are not so brand conscious. We saw similar competition between Galaxy Grand Duo and Micromax A116 HD, which carries similar features, except one are two.

Galaxy Grand has 5 inch captive touch screen, with 16 million colour scheme which is same with Micromax A116 HD. Coming to processor, Galaxy Grand runs on Quad Core 1.2GHz and Cortex 9 and Micromax Canvas uses similar but a slight difference is it has Cortex A7, probably negligible for many users.

Galaxy Grand and Micromax Canvas HD runs on Android Jellybean 4.1.2, upgradeable and both handsets support dual sim option. Interestingly, Micromax A116 Canvas HD has 720×1280 pixel resolution, where as Samsung Galaxy Grand Duo has just 480×800 resolution, a key factor on display quality side.

While Micromax Canvas has external storage limitations to 32 GB only, but Samsung Galaxy Grand has upper hand on this as it supports 64 GB, very very important for business users and multimedia lovers.

The features like rear camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Battery are same in both handsets. Only major difference is the price. As per the current market price Samsung Galaxy Grand comes with a price tag of Rs. 21,500, where as Micromax Canvas HD is available with a price of below Rs.15,000./- We have to see, how the competition pans out in this mid segment smartphone as Samsung Galaxy Grand Duo has decent marketing skills with huge sales network. Will Micromax beats the South Korean major is the interesting story to watch.

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