Milagrow Kupa X11 Tablet Specs-Tablet with Cedar Trail SoC processor


Milagrow Kupa X11 Tablet Specs

Milagrow has launched a tablet in India by the name Milagrow Kupa X11. This is a tablet that runs on Windows 7. The tablet has been developed by the German maker Kupa. The devise is available with two storage options, one with 64GB memory and the other with 128 GB memory available for Rs. 54,990 and Rs. 66, 990 respectively.

Milagrow Kupa X11 comes with a display of 10 inch and the type of screen is capacitive with multi-touch option. The pixel resolutions are given as 1366 x 768.

Milagrow Kupa X11 is available with the trail version of windows 7 professionals and the customers are forced buy the license.

The processor inside Milagrow Kupa X11 is a dual core Intel Atom N260 1.6 GHz Cedar Trail SoC processor. The battery inside the device is claimed to provide a battery life of ten hours and also a standby time of 30 days. There is 2GB RAM in the device.

Coming to the connectivity features, the device supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, miniHDMI, and there is also a built-in SIM card slot for utilizing 3G connectivity. Voice calling is also enabled on the device.

The multimedia features include two cameras one at the rear and one front facing. The rear camera is of 1.3 MP and the front facing is also of 1.3 MP.

The price of Milagrow Kupa X11 is RS, 54,990 for 64 GB SSD variant and Rs. 66,990 for 128 GB variant. Considering the price, this tablet is not affordable by all and is meant for enterprise customers. Finger print scanner is also included with the device for biometric security purposes.

Mr. Rajeev Karwal, Founder Director of Milagrow spoke on the event of launch of TabTop X11. He said Milagrow has launched many Windows based devices since last few years. Milagrow Kupa X11can be ordered online with Milagrow and more information can be obtained from

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