Mobile Manners |Cell Phone Etiquette | Do Not Use Cell Phones When in a Group

Mobile Manners |Cell Phone Etiquette | Do Not Use Cell Phones When in a Group
Cell phones have become an integral part of modern life. But these should be used very carefully in some place so as not to cause any inconvenience to the people around. Different cultures have different etiquette. Courtesy and common sense should be applied for polite use of cell phones. Privacy maintenance, not causing disturbance to others and respecting personal space are few general principles for using cell phone.
When in public places, following cell phone etiquette is important. Talking loudly in the phone causes disturbance to many number of people. It is considered rude to take cell phones to important meetings or social engagements. It is advisable not to answer a call when they are in a group unless in emergency situations.
Waiting rooms, restaurants etc are not the places for making privacy calls as personal information in divulged to public. Do not attend any casual calls and unless an emergency call is expected, keep the cell phone in silent or vibrate mode.
It is also not good cell phone etiquette to talk on the phone while dealing with customer care people or with cashiers. It is also not considered a good to talk on cell phone while driving. In most regions, talking on cell phone while driving is banned. It can be understood that drivers who talk on cell phone cannot focus on the road and this may cause accidents.
Cell phones have sensitive microphones and so there is no need to talk loudly over the cell phone. Arguing are talking indecent words is considered poor cell phone etiquette. Maintain at least three meter distance from other person when talking on the phone. Cell phones must be switched off in places like movies, playhouses or other public places. The courts, temples, hospitals, funerals or weddings are the places where cell phones should not be used. In job interviews calls should not be answered as interview members may feel that the candidate is more concerned about his personal issues.

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