No Recharge Needs within Six Months for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

No Recharge Needs within Six Months for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Battery has been always a problem for any smart phones. Customers who want to use the phone for more games and internet Galaxy Note 2 is more useful will not even be satisfied with 3100 mAh. Now everyone will get the question that how to make your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lasts for six long months without recharging it?

Mugen Power offers a massive and unusual powerful battery with 558,000mAh for Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The battery will make the device run up to six months without recharging on that specific time frame. Even for the heavy users who can shorten that time frame is still won’t be able to make it go away in a single day.


The battery is ready for orders with free shipment worldwide, 100 per cent safe and secure shopping, and it has a 1-year return policy.

How does it work?
Mugen Power is brand of extended batteries for handsets, pocket Wi-Fi, and laptops. Mugen produces two types of battery:

1.      Replacement battery of same size and claimed slightly higher capacity than the original one.

2.      Extended battery of larger capacity and size than original.

The Mugen Atomic Battery for Galaxy Note 2 is a new breed of extended battery which uses a groundbreaking nuclear-compound technology to increase the average Smartphone battery life by up to 180 times longer.

The technology is quite scary with word atomic or nuclear technology fused inside, but all of their batteries carry the CE mark and satisfy the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

Alternatively, if you do not want such overwhelming power for a small battery, Mugen also offer a 6400mAh battery for Galaxy Note 2 which is a little bit larger than the device’s original but serves twice as much power.

The package includes the replacement battery and a casing with kickstand. Since the battery is quite large, the modification of the back casing will make the device a little bit thicker unlike before. It costs at least $100 and works to most Galaxy Note 2 variant including the US versions from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular.

Mugen Power also supports HTC, iPhone, LG, Blackberry, and Nokia.


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