Nokia Announces New Apps for Lumia Smartphones


Nokia lumia apps

Nokia New Apps for Lumia Smartphones

New York: Nokia announced a wide range of latest and innovative apps for Lumia series of smartphones to prove their commitment of offering latest, unique apps which are not available on any other platform. Nokia is working with the developers to help them connect with all the customers worldwide by developing exclusive and state-of-the-art apps. Marco Argenti, SVP, Nokia Developer Experience has said that there are now opportunities to develop new features around NFC, Pureview technology or Nokia Maps and they are expecting the developers to design new app and they can get success globally by being a partner of Nokia. Listed below are the new app experiences that could be included in Nokia Lumia smartphones:


Vimeo App is the latest app that is offered free for a trial period of three months of Vimeo Plus membership and is exclusive to Nokia Lumia smartphones. Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 are the smartphones in which Vimeo app will be available and this allows the user to capture HD video and it comes with NFC tap-to-share technology. Improved Vimeo app also supports HD video and comes with design interface that is simple. Vimeo app allows the user to buy Vimeo Plus subscription through Vimeo app.


Angry Bird Roost app is offered exclusive to the users of Nokia Lumia for three months. With Angry Birds Roost, the users can access walk through videos, ringtones, videos and much more. The new Angry Bird Roost which is designed for Rovio and Windows Phone platform offers ‘Bird Cam’ feature. With this features, the user can take the picture on their Nokia Lumia phone and add Angry Bird characters to the photo and also share it friends on Twitter, Facebook or email it. Large numbers of wallpapers are also available.

Business & Finance

Boomerang Hub, this app is exclusive to Nokia Lumia windows phone that will be launched soon. This is one stop hub for all financial and business information. It works as a tool to obtain market data and also for tracking portfolios.


Stylestain is the latest app exclusively for Nokia Lumia for fashion lovers. This will be launched in the middle of September. Using this app, the users can capture the fashion images and personalize them with their own designing and make them into mobile fashion magazines that can be shared with others. As Facebook integration, the users can sing in and search the latest trends, style tips, fashion feeds and tricks.


The world of Red Bull app is also exclusively developed for Nokia Lumia and it is possible to get latest information of more than 400 Red Bull Athletes. The user can also pin the pictures of their favourite updates on home screen and get news updates. Apart from getting news and information, users can also access dance, art, music and cinema from Red Bull Culture section. Red Bull-TV and Red Bull apps can also be accessed.


YouSendIt mobile app offers filesharing for Nokia Lumia users and also NFC file transfer. The content stored in the cloud can be accessed, sync and shared. It is also possible to sign the documents through the Nokia touchscreen and send them safely. Video and photo files can also be shared easily with YouSendIt.


MICHELIN is an app developed for Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820, and allows the user to access the information about the best restaurants. NFC enabled restaurant window sticker can be tapped to share restaurant information and also the places to eat by. Nearby restaurant can be viewed on the screen.


WhatsApp Messenger is an app developed for Nokia Lumia 921 and Nokia Lumia 820 that allows the user to send messages without paying anything for the SMS. WhatsApp Messenger used the internet data plan the same that is used for web browsing and email and there is no cost for messaging to family and friends.


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