Nokia Asha 308 touch phone | Nokia Asha 309 smartphone | Nokia touch range Specs

Nokia Asha 308 touch phone | Nokia Asha 309 smartphone | Nokia touch range Specs | features | Price

Finish mobile major Nokia introduced Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309 with enhanced features and different touch phone experience. The new Asha range is enriched with new Nokia web services, Nokia Nearby and developer tools.

Nokia Asha both models were equipped with the cloud accelerated Nokia Xpress Browser and are optimized for faster and cheaper browsing experience, Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, Apps, 40 premium EA games and integrated social networking experience offering smartphone experience to consumers at newer price points.

The new devices also come preloaded with the Nokia Nearby app that allows consumers to discover, search and share places of interest around them. The app gives access to over 7 million places of interest in India. Specifically in Mumbai, consumers have access to over 35,396 shopping destinations, 5663 tourism places, over 9590 places to eat and more!

The dual SIM Nokia Asha 308 and single SIM Nokia Asha 309 give consumers fast web access at low cost. To create this smarter Internet experience, Nokia released a new version of Nokia Xpress Browser, which enables up to 85% more efficient mobile browsing and faster access to rich web applications compared to conventional browsers.


Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309 Features:

–2G-enabled devices featuring a 3.0’’ WQVGA capacitive display
–Multiple home screens
–Stereo radio, loud speakers
–32GB microSD card support.
–Nokia Asha 309 is the single SIM variant with WiFi
–Nokia Asha 308 is a dual SIM device with Easy Swap technology.
–40 premium EA games
–Social features such as standalone Facebook and Twitter clients
–Nokia Messaging Service
–Video streaming
–Nokia Xpress Browser or as a feature within Nokia Maps.
–Nokia Xpress Web App Builder

Price and Availability of new Nokia Asha touch phones:

The Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asa 309 are priced at Rs. 6149/- and at Rs 6349/- respectively and will be available across the country starting October 27. The new smart devices are available in Black and Golden Light colour.

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