Nokia to launch Basic color phone for Rs.1200

Nokia to launch Basic color phone for Rs.1200

Nokia is facing a tough challenge from low-cost mobile players in India. So, in order to face the challenge, it has decided to introduce the basic color phone for Rs.1200.

This would signal the end of black-and-white phones from the Finnish firm. The phone is aimed at those who are yet to have a mobile connection or those who have a tight budget. Nokia claims the phone comes with a battery backup of 35 days. It features a speaking clock as well.


The company will manufacture the new phones at its Chennai facility for the domestic and global markets.

Talking to Hindu Business Line T. S. Sridhar (Regional General Manager South) of Nokia India said we are specifically looking at India, Africa and China where there is huge scope in the entry-level market. In India, we are going to introduce the phone in Andhra Pradesh this month followed by other markets. We are planning to phase out the 1280 phone of which we have sold 10 crore pieces.

 The new phone Nokia 105, showcased at the Mobile World Congress-2013 held at Barcelona will target those who are yet to have a mobile connection. To catch their attention, the phone comes with a battery back-up of 35 days. It has a ‘speaking clock’ too.

Phones which were below Rs 4,000

Quoting a GFK Nielsen study, Sridhar said the sub-Rs 2,000 phone market in India by volume accounted for 60 per cent of the 1.3 crore phone sales. About 85 per cent of sales were of phones priced below Rs 4,000.

A recent CMR report said Nokia still dominates in the feature phones segment and has about 22.5 percent of share in terms of unit shipments in this segment. It also rules overall mobile phone market with 21.8 percent. It’s notable feature phones shipment of a 19.9 percent growth in 2012.

In Smartphone segment, Samsung leads the market at 43.1 percent share, whereas Nokia has just 13.3 percent


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