PNR Status on Android app | Indian Railways information on Android Phones

PNR Status on Android app | Indian Railways information on Android Phones | Railway information on mobile | Indian Rail Info App

Next time when you are looking for your PNR status enquiry for Indian Railway booking, don’t go for any computer or Internet connection. You can just check your Indian Railway PNR status on your mobile phone using an android application Indian Rail Info app.

I have gone through a blog review on Indian Rail Info app and tried testing how it works on checking PNR Status and seat allotment position for Indian Railways.
Don’t worry about installation or usability of this app. Indian Rail Info android app is easy to install and highly user friendly. A normal mobile user without much knowledge of apps also can use this app to check PNR status and seat position by providing required information in simple way on Indian Rail Info app.
If you want to install the Indian Rail Info app, simply go to Google Play or Android Market Place and search with the app name. You will get application home page. One has to click on install button. Once you do this, Indian Rail Info app will be downloaded and installed on your android handset.

After completing the Indian Rail Info app installation, you will get an app page as seen in the image below. Just punch in the 11 digit PNR number given on your reservation slip and check the status. Besides PNR status, users can check many other features to get more info about your train timing and railway information.

Indian Rail Info App1

By using Indian Rail Info app, android mobile users can also get Train Search, Seat Availability For trains running from Major Stations, Seat Availability Between any two stations, New Train Number finder, Arrival and Departure information, Train Running Status, Seat Upgrade Status and Fare Enquiry.
There are few more other android apps to get Indian Railway Information. Google Play is offering TravelIndia (NEXUSDEX), Indian Railway Train Alarm (APPINESS1945), Indian Railway Schedule (APPKETTLE) and IndRail Indian Railway (TELIGENZ VENTURES). As of now, reviews are suggesting Indian Rail Info app is on top.

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