Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Trouble Shooting

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Trouble Shooting_Doctor Battery

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Trouble Shooting | Doctor Battery, Avast Mobile Security App, RAM management

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Trouble Shooting is one of the important aspect that users have to learn. Galaxy Tab 2 is a tablet with both Wifi and 3G options is one of the most selling tablets in the market. This 7-inch tablet phone is an all-rounder since it has both features of a mobile and a tablet. This Android device if purchased in recent days will be powered by the latest version of the android software that is Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2. Since, the user base has gone up significantly, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Trouble Shooting including memory cleaning, battery life improvement, security aspects are some of the core issues users looking for. The basic trouble shooting is somewhat an issue for non-tech savvy users.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Trouble Shooting: RAM Management

The Galaxy Tab 2 is powered by a 1GHz processor with 1GB RAM and an internal memory of 16GB sounds quite adequate for an average user. But if more of the memory is required it can be extendable with a memory card up to 64GB. There are some occasional lags in the UI of the device once it is connected to an Internet source for example a Wifi spot. This being the hardest time in using it since the background applications occupy the RAM and there is a problem with the OS too. Since the Operating System that is the Android Jellybean is an adaptive OS that allows all the compatible apps to background.

This requires a constant monitoring because it may lead to the OS crash of the device leading to the data loss. So better use some easy task killing applications or if the user is not willing to use any of them then they have to clean the memory of the RAM by using the tab’s interface.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Trouble Shooting : Doctor Battery

Since it is a Galaxy Tab 2 is a 7-inch screened tablet, it would definitely consume a lot of battery and Samsung has provided an apt battery of 4000mAh which on a decent use of listening of songs and some games and browsing of net over Wifi and 3G cellular data while moving gives around a 12 hour backup. Which can be considered as a humongous one for a 7-inch device. Battery is important topic in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Trouble Shooting.

The user must be careful of all the data they store in the device, since it might contain virus also, so a constant virus scanner such as ‘Avast mobile security’ app –this can be found on Playstore- should be installed which monitors such activity. Battery saving apps such as ‘Battery doctor’ can be used to optimize the battery use for the device. Heavy graphic applications such as the games like Subway Surfers, Rail Rush do consume a lot of battery and they might also give occasional lags which wont be much of a trouble. Android community is active on providing updates on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Trouble Shooting.

Find Doctor Battery App on Google Play Here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab2 can be given an overall rating of 3.5 for 5 for its all-round capabilities though its camera and RAM the cons for the device.

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