Smartphones race, Samsung, Apple seen ahead of Nokia

As The Micromax, Alcatel, Huawie and Celkon kind of local brands emerging in low cost handset market leaders, Samsung and Apple seems to be beating Nokia in smart phones category to, dragging the Finnish mobile handset maker in to deeper trouble. While predatory pricing strategy giving an edge to local handset makers, Android and iPhone are the taking lead over Nokia, which is unable to show similar attractive operating software for smart users. Nokia was almost market leader in high end smart phones used by business and executive class worldwide. Nokia was the first mobile handset maker with its Communicator model in 1996.
Going by the June end sales figures of the three global majors–Apple stood on top while Samsung at second and Nokia settled at third place.

According to market reports, Apple sold a record 20.3 million iPhone  smart phone sets till June in the current year. iPhone 4 model, which is now more than a year old still going stable and attracting consumer interest.

Samsung sold 19 million smartphones in the quarter its blockbuster Samsung’s Galaxy  SII sets loaded with Google’s Android software. Nokia’s sales stood at Nokia’s 16.7 million. Across all models, the total smartphones sales stood at 365 million.
Going by the current trends, analysts sees, Samsung may emerge as clear number one player in smartphone category with its current and coming new models, mostly driven by  the android platform.
Despite economic slowdown world over, analysts estimating that the smart phone market may grew in the range of 75-80% in coming years.


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