SMS in local language | IMI Mobile launches new application My SMS

Hyderabad, September 5: Hyderabad based value added mobile application development company IMImobile launched a unique service My SMS, which breaks the language barrier in India. ‘My SMS’ application from IMImobile will empower the users to access content in their local language, a challenge which has been faced by the whole telecom ecosystem for a long time in India.

With over 1.21 billion people, India witnessed the remarkable telecom revolution which helped increase mobile penetration. However, the huge diversity, with more than one thousand dialects and 29 spoken languages, has created a communication barrier where operators find it hard to information enable their entire user base. This has also resulted in less than optimal uptakes of SMS based services. The barrier is further stretched with the literacy level of 74% which is still below the world average of 84%. Also most devices today are inherently incapable of rendering Indic language content on their screens.

My SMS is an SMS based application, which allows user to request SMS services in their native language and get messages in requested language on demand. My SMS is an application which allows a user to receive SMS in his very own language irrespective of the make of his handset. This application will overcome one of the major limitations of SMS and will increase the overall penetration of P2A SMS. The benefit of this application is, it can be provided as a white-label application for Telecom Operators, Media Companies, Device Manufacturers and Enterprises.

To start with this service is available in 8 major languages, English, Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi and Bangla. The USP of this service is its easy scalability of the application which allows many more languages to be added. This application is very easy to use as it does not require any keyword or short code. Its easy backend integration allows easy addition and deletion of categories making the service more dynamic and also the menu can be customized according to operator’s requirement or based on some festivals or events.

Source: IMI Mobile Release.

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