Sony Xperia go | Xperia go smartphone Features

Sony Xperia go | Xperia go smartphone | Xperia Android touch phone | Sony Water resistant Phone | Sony Xperia go on Cortex A9 processor 

Sony_Xperia_go_smart_phoneSony released a new mobile phone under its flagship model Xperia, the new Xperia go. Xperia go is a slim android touch phone made to resist all the conditions. It is built with extra durability with a screen that is scratch resistant. The most special feature of this phone is that it is highly water resistant. Its water resistance is highest among all the smart phones. One more unique feature of the Xperia go smart phone is that it is Dust Resistant too. The phone is inbuilt with a powerful battery saver for letting the phone run long for the user’s convenience.

Above all the Xperia go is stylish smart phone with an equivalent toughness. The Sony quotes the phone to be strong enough for its little problems. The phone boasts a Bravia engine made for mobile that brings out superb image quality with a razor sharp 3.5” reality display. The Dual core 1Ghz processor brings out a fast stream and browsing experience making downloads instant. The Xperia go has a super fast responsive camera with a 5 Meg camera, it goes from sleep to active mode in a blink of a second. It also has a quick share feature on TV using it DLNA feature.

An additional feature of the durability of the Xperia go is that its screen is wet finger responsive feature. That is even if your fingers are wet, the phone operates on your fingertips. Sony is famous for entertainment that is the same carried out to this phone too.

The Xperia go runs on Google Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich with a 1Ghz dual core Cortex A9 processor. Pricing and other details will be available soon.

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