Soon you will have BBM on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

BBM on Galaxy Smartphones

Soon you will have BBM on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

For those are BlackBerry Messenger geeks, Soon you will have BBM on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. While Smart phones are booming up in mobile phone markets chatting application or messenger is one such application every think about before buying a new one. Samsung is among which gained more popularity and introduced a series of mobile phones famously know as Galaxy and this series of smart phones took more fame and are most successful in mobile phone markets.

These smart phones are employed either with windows or android operating system with additional features and functionalities. These kinds of smart phones helped the common man to access his data in many ways one among that is viewing of e-mail in easy manner. However, many business users are unable to shift from BlackBerry to Galaxy series, as they were accustomed to BBM. To clear this, rumors or on saying soon user will have BBM on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

All these inventions led to the introduction of new software into galaxy smart phones. BBM means Black Berry Messenger which is software that is to be employed in Samsung galaxy smart phones. Many reviews have stated that once if BBM is employed into galaxy smart phones, it would be new revolution for both SAMSUNG and BlackBerry. Already messengers like Yahoo chat have been employed which has greater advantage and found be successful. Both IOS and Android are the most successful operating systems and if this OS supports the Black Berry Messenger then it would sure be a block buster in the mobile markets.

It was rumour that BBM is coming with Galaxy smart phones, but now both the makers have come together and officially announced that soon BBM on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones will become reality. Initially only the messaging and group features was available to non-black berry phone now it has improved to social, media and other user friendly features are also employed in it. This turn over would be a major successful in smart phone series. Even though BBM is employed into Samsung it would be like a BBM app being installed in Galaxy Smart phones. Once if it is bought into the market then it could be a convenient for lay man who wishes to use Samsung brand with Black Berry feature and also it will attract the market.

Samsung had its own messaging app called chat-on which would now be an additional feature along with BBM. The statistics states that BBM users have 50 million monthly active users who send / receive messages hence, if these two come in hand to hand, it is sure of hitting the market. These projects had already popped up in foreign countries and
are expected to come into action soon. Not that all smart phones can make use of BBM. It is only those smart phones which are higher-ends can make use of this feature because of compatibility restrictions.

BBM on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

The reason for this delay in releasing this product is could be because of testing phase. Generally all the software/ mobile phones undergo this phase in order to assure that product is safe and quality-proven. The testing phase these products undergo is “Beta testing” that is in this phase the product is sent outside to company and tested with the users and it is a last phase of testing a product before bringing the product into commercial. Once BBM on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones comes then it would boost sales of Galaxy and overall mobile smartphone market.

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