Sprint says NO to BlackBerry 4G PlayBook tablet of RIM

Those who are anticipating to see 4G version of BlackBerry 4G PlayBook on Sprint network, here is a bad news. Sprint Nextel Corp, which offers variety of bundle offers in US decided to keep away from Research in Motions new high speed gadget, citing that the business customers are not keen to buy the device and demand seems to be low if launched. Finally the company decided to abandon plans to put RIMs PlayBook on its network. Analysts feel that, RIM now has to face a big challenge as non of the mobile carriers in US are supporting the device. The BlackBerry maker already facing the heat, as its share price lost around 60% in recent months and sales loosing the ground to competitors. Sprints decision to keep away from PlayBook translates in to big problem, as it clearly proves that major mobile operators in US like AT&T and Verizon Wireless have almost kept the high-speed business gadget away from the consumer. The bundle offers with the device makers largely drive US mobile gadget sales; preferably go with the carriers’ choice while coming out with any new launch. If mobile operators doesn’t support, the device makers have to go solo and have to spend higher amounts for sales and marketing to keep the product live. The US tablet devices market has crowded with so many models and platforms, while common consumer is yet to understand the usability of little piece. The Sprint’s decision to halt the 4G PlayBook is due to this sort of market dilemma, fearing lower demand. Motorola, HTC launched latest models in tablets space, which has created big challenge to many players. Going forward, emerging markets may witness some fiancée competition in tablet market as more and more models are expected to hit the market.

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