Tata Walky Groove Station | Dock, Play, Listen, Talk and much more

Hyderabad, August 3: Tata Teleservices Limited (TTL) today announced the launch of Tata Walky Groove Station, a stylish fixed cordless color handset with unique feature of a “pod” docking station, being launched for the first time, globally. The new device has features like pod docking station, Color screen, USB/Micro SD slot, FM station and MP3 player, therefore combining various music rich features of five gadgets in a single device.

The Tata Walky Groove Station, available to both post-paid and pre-paid customers, combines the benefit of a wireless device offering complete freedom to talk and adjacently use the device as a complete entertainment tool.

As compared to other dock stations that are currently available in the marketplace which are much heavily priced in the range of 4000 to 5000 rupees, Tata Tel said in a press release.

The device also has other interesting features like stereo speakers, 220 minutes talk time, 240 Hours Standby, alarm, calendar, etc. Tata Walky Groove is available at price of Rs 2999/-.



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