Videocon Mobiles Fun Phones | V1542, V1548, V1531plus, V1580 Features

Videocon Mobiles Fun Phones | V1542, V1548, V1531plus, V1580 Features | Specifications | Pricing | Applications

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Bangalore: Videocon Mobiles Phones has announced the launch of its new range of top-of-the-line Feature and Touch Phones, which offer stylish designs along with top of the line audio & video capabilities, targeted towards today’s mobile generation.

Encompassing the V1542, V1548, V1531+ and the V1580, the new range of stylish yet affordable phones brings in features which make them the first choice of the highly evolved mobile users of today. With extremely affordable prices, the range offers consumers Dual SIM connectivity options, along with entertainment options like Audio & Video Player, FM Radio and Movie Juke Box application. Featuring Micro USB connection along with GPRS and Internet support, the range brings to the consumers enhanced internet browsing capabilities which clubbed with embedded social networking apps like Facebook & Twitter, enhance the social interaction for the users.

Features and Specifications of Videocon Mobiles:
This new range brings to the consumers a best in class display experience, wherein the V1542 features a 2.6” WQVGA Display, the V1548 features a 2.6” QVGA Touch Display, the V1531+ features a 2.4” QVGA Display and the V1580 features a 3.2” WQVGA Touch Display. With efficient and long lasting battery backup being one of the product USP’s, the V1542 is powered by an 1800mAh battery, the V2531+ is powered by a 1500mAh battery, while the V1548 and the V1580 are powered by a 1200mAh battery.

The range also provides the consumers with a brilliant camera utility wherein the V1542, the V1548 and the V1531+ with a 1.3 MP Camera along with the V1580 with a dynamic 2.0 MP Camera, offers the users stunning avenues to capture and store their favourite moments. Herein, the consumers do not have to worry about storing their favourite photos, music and movies as the range offers them T-flash support upto 8GB on the V1548 and V1531+; along with T-flash support upto 16GB on the V1542 and V1580.

With space for 1000 contacts on the V1548 & V1531+, and for 2000 contacts on the V1542 & V1580, the users can keep all their contacts close to them as well. Entertainment options are also galore on the new range wherein the consumers get Wireless FM support on the V1542 & V1548 and FM Radio with recording support on the V1531+ and V1580; along with the customized Movie Juke Box application which is available on all the models.

Common features of the New Videocon Mobiles:
–Dual SIM, Dual Standby
–FM Radio
–Audio & Video Player
–A2DP Bluetooth
–Movie Juke Box Application
–High Quality Loud Sound
–Social Networking Apps
–Micro USB Support

Pricing of New New Videocon Mobiles:
Priced at Rs.2099 for the Videocon V1542, Rs.2399 for the Videocon V1548, Rs.1850 for the Videocon V1531+ and Rs.2999 for the Videocon V1580; this exciting range of phones are available across leading mobile phone sellers and distributors across the country.

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  2. kaveri. Biradar

    i need Vediocon software. so where can i search it & plz send me thats website.

  3. ravi

    sir ,
    i forgot the phone password of videocon mobile V1542. so to reset the password please send me code to decoding password or tell me any software for that &where we search that software ?


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