WeChat Social Messaging App Review | Features, Download tutorial

WeChat Social Messaging App Review | Features, Download tutorial
WeChat is a social messaging app where a unique never before type of conversation takes place. A China based software company Tencent develops this text and voice communication software, which is supported all leading mobile operating software’s such as Android OS, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Windows Phone. WiFi, 2G, 3G and all such mobile data networks all these facilities can be used to operate WeChat.

The main features of WeChat are contact synchronizing with the phones’ contact list. The initial login begins from logging in with users Facebook account. Then a simple process of sending requests of adding is done to the contacts. After which the users of WeChat can avail the text messaging and voice messaging features. The text messaging works similarly to Whatsapp or iMessage or BlackBerry Messenger. But an additional feature primarily introduced by WeChat is the voice messaging. This feature send the voice as it is instead of converting the voice to text as the Google voice recognition or the iOS Siri works. The voice is delivered as a short message on clicking of which the received message can be heard.

WeChat is gaining popularity in India because the mobile networks majorly here are 2G, and though these offer less speed the voice message is delivered with utmost clarity provided the message sent doesn’t have any disturbances. Though it doesn’t have Noise reduction technology the messages delivered are heard with enough clarity to understand it.

Another interesting feature is the possibility of group chatting that also supports the voice and text chat. This as the firm claims is also names as Live chat where various people are clubbed to a single chatroom here also the voice messages can be sent to interact. The emoticons provided are the same as those appearing in Whatsapp, but additional emoticons are added in the special category. And they can be further downloaded to various other characters.

Look around feature introduced by WeChat uses the Android location services to identify its users nearby to create a new circle of friends. WeChat is available on all the smartphone Operating Systems like iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and the Symbian OS for free download.

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