Zebronics Bluetooth Headsets for mobiles, laptops, tablets


Zebronics Bluetooth Headsets for mobiles, laptops, tablets | Zebronics MP3, MP4 Players | Accessories for Tab | Best Mobile add on products

Mumbai: Electronics hardware device maker Zebronics has released its latest Zebronics Bluetooth Headsets for mobiles, laptops, tablets and Zebronics MP3, MP4 Players in to the Indian market. The latest stylish Zebronics brand gadgets developed by Top Notch Infotronix. The company launched total of five models including Blue Gear music player which is designed to in clip-on stereo pair style. All five Zebronics Bluetooth Headsets models incorporate built-in microphone for hands-free operation, and work on a radio-frequency of 2.4 GHz distortion-free and clear, comfortable usage up to a distance of approximately 10 meters (33 feet) from the source. All these new models will be available in glossy red, black and white velvet matte finish.

Zebronics Bluetooth Headsets has Inbuilt answer switch and volume controls with noise reduction round off the features. The headsets are lightweight, powered by rechargeable lithium battery and feature rugged construction to ensure increased reliability, stability and overall lifetime of the gadget. Zebronics headsets were compatible with almost all smartphones, tablets, and computers offering Bluetooth connectivity, without any adapters. All these devices were designed to let consumers take calls and enjoy their favorite multi-media content wherever, be it at home, office or the gym. Zebronics new gadget line-up come complete with charging cable, adapter and a user manual. The new headsets are priced affordably starting from Rs. 549/- for ZEB-BH499, model ZEB-BH600 for Rs.649/-, ZEB-BH700 – MRP Rs.699/-, ZEB-BH900M – MRP Rs.899/-, ZEB-BH5000M – MRP Rs.1499/- including one-year warranty.

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